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  3. 【2022/1/19実施】台湾国立清華大学の生物科学系研究科と本研究科生物科学専攻による学生国際シンポジュウムを開催します
2021/12/24 投稿


 台湾国立清華大学の生物科学系研究科と、大阪大学大学院理学研究科生物科学専攻は、交互に訪問しあうことで、毎年、学生国際シンポジュウムを開催してきました。昨年度は、COVID-19対策としてON LINE開催することで、伝統の学生国際シンポジュウムを絶やすことなく持続することができました。
 本年度も、COVID-19パンデミック下で培ってきたニューノーマルのノウハウを生かし、本学生国際シンポジュウムをON LINE開催します。困難を科学技術と友情で乗り越え、両校の大学院生たちの出来立てほやほやのサイエンスを満喫してください。ON LINE交流会では、台湾国立清華大学から、台湾の飲み物、スナックを提供していただきますので、お楽しみに。

2022 NTHU-OU Virtual Symposium on Biological and Medical Sciences

日程:2022年1月19日(水) 10:00-18:10 (日本時間)

主催:大阪大学 大学院理学研究科 生物科学専攻、台湾国立清華大学・生命科学系専攻



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Program in Japan Time (Taiwan Time)
10:00-10:05 (9:00-9:05) Opening Remarks: Kenji Matsuno, Professor,
             Department of Biological Sciences, OU
10:05-10:10 (9:05-9:10) Opening Remarks: Ruey Ho Kao,Professor and Dean,
             College of Life Science, NTHU

10:10-10:40 (9:10-9:40) Tatsuo Kakimoto (Professor), OU
     Patterning root tissues in Arabidopsis thaliana

10:40-11:00 (9:40-10:00) Chang-Yi Chiu (PhD student), NTHU
     Physiological role of the Arabidopsis CORNICHON HOMOLOG 5 (CNIH5)
     in nutrient homeostasis

11:00-11:30 (10:00-10:30) Tzu-Kang Sang (Professor), NTHU
     VCP ATPase safeguards genome and the nuclear structure: a sizable problem
11:40-12:00 (10:40-11:00) Kohei Watanebe (PhD student), OU
     The optic lobe-pars intercerebralis axis is involved in circa’bi’dian rhythm of the large      black chafer Holotrichia parallela

12:00-12:20 (11:00-11:30) Christopher Llynard D. Ortiz (PhD student), NTHU
     Ribosome in rolled state modulates-1 Programmed Ribosomal Frameshifting (-1 PRF)

12:20-12:40 (11:20-11:40) Shunsuke Chuma (PhD studenet), OU
     Elucidation of neural differentiation using intracellular temperature Imaging

Lunch 12:40-14:00 (11:40-13:00)
     Drinks are exchanged between NTHU and OU

14:00-14:20 (13:00-13:20) Min-Zong Liang (PhD student), NTHU
     Investigate the role and the transcriptional regulation of PGAM5 during neuronal      regeneration.

14:20-14:40 (13:20-13:40) Zi Wang (Master student), OU
     A dynamic molecular regulatory network to determine hippocampal cell fate during      embryogenesis

14:40-15:00 (13:40-14:00) Ming-Yang Li (PhD student), NTHU
     The role of calcium uptake between ER and mitochondria in Srv2/CAP2 knockout
     SH-SY5Y cells

15:10-15:30 (14:10-14:30) Asuka Yamaguchi (Master student), OU
     Identification of protein motifs in MyosinIC and MyosinID responsible for left-right      asymmetry of the hindgut in Drosophila

15:30-15:50 (14:30-14:50) Grace Y. Liu (Undergraduate student), NTHU
     A rapid and reversible tool to disassemble target microtubules

15:50-16:10 (14:50-15:10) Hiroaki Nakajima (PhD student), OU
     Redescription and phylogenetic analysis of Octopus alatus (Sasaki, 1920)

On Line Mixer 16:10-16:40 (15:10-15:40)
     Snacks and drinks are exchanged between NTHU and OU
    (You can find zoom information here.)

16:40-17:10 (15:40-16:10) Takuro Nakagawa (Associate professor), OU
     Heterochromatin suppresses gross chromosomal rearrangements at centromeres

17:10-17:40 (16:10-16:40) Yu-Hsin Chiu (Assistant professor), NTHU
     A non-canonical pathway for sympathetic activation of ATP-releasing Pannexin1 channels

17:40-18:00 (16:40-17:00) Ceremony of Awarding Best Presentations
18:00-18:05 (17:00-17:05) Closing Remarks: Tatsuo Kakimoto, Professor and Director,               Department of Biological Sciences, OU
18:05-18:10 (17:05-17:10) Closing Remarks: I-Ching Wang, Associate Professor,
              The Institute of Biotechnology, NTHU