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June 27, 2022

2022 International Summer Program -Online- (July 5 – 7, 2022)

About the International Summer Program

The International Summer Program at the Graduate School of Science (GSS) is an intensive research internship for overseas students majoring in natural sciences and related fields in sciences. This year, the program will be held online. The program this year will give you the opportunity to learn about the research activities being conducted in the six departments that make up the Graduate School of Science at Osaka University, as well as to enjoy content that will help you learn more about Japan, and Osaka in particular. In addition, the program includes social events to build good relationships with other students at Osaka University. Also, for the students who are interested in enrolling in the GSS international graduate programs, the relevant information will be provided. Participants will be presented with a commemorative gift from GSS at the end of the program.

Overview: Click here (As of 27 April 2022)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/risummerprogram
FAQ: Click here (As of 27 June 2022)

■Program period
Tuesday 5 July – Thursday 7 July 2022
※Every afternoon 2−6 pm (Japan Standard Time)

Mainly, students who are enrolled in Bachelor’s or Master’s degree program in universities outside of Japan and have a sensibility and intellectual curiosity about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Also, anyone who are interested in the field of science.

Graduate School of Science, Osaka University Committee of International Exchange and Office of Research Administration

■Program Schedule
Overall Schedule: Click here (As of 1 April 2022)

Day 1
– Orientation (All internship students are required to join) 2-3 pm (JST)
– Department Events 3:30-4:30 pm and 5-6 pm (JST)

Day 2
– Department Events 2-3 pm, 3:30-4:30 pm, and 5-6 pm (JST)

Day 3
– Department Events 2-3 pm (JST)
– Get-together events with (international) students at the Graduate School of Science
Part I 3:30-4:15 pm,
Part II 4:45-5:30 pm (JST)
(Optional Events, (Up to about 200 people, it may depend on the applicants))

The schedule is subject to change.

■Program contents (detail information)
– Orientation

Promotion of Graduate School of Science Supports for international students Features of the ISP2022 (how to participate, etc.)

-Department Events
Lectures, Lab introduction, etc. (Parallel events)
1) Department of Mathematics: Click here
2) Department of Physics: Click here
3) Department of Chemistry: Click here
4) Department of Biological Sciences: Click here
5) Department of Macromolecular Science: Click here
6) Department of Earth and Space Science: Click here

(Note) You can select and join the favorite department events.

– Get-together events
You can ask questions and talk to students (including international students) in the Graduate School of Science.

If you wish to participate in the ‘Get-together event’, please select “I wish to participate” on the registration form. The number of participants may be limited, so if there are too many applications, the participants will be chosen by lottery. Thank you for your kind understanding. (Up to about 200 people, it may depend on the applicants.)

■ How to participate
1) Orientation and the Lectures
Either zoom or Live streaming on the specialized website for the ISP2022 Online. Please note, if you wish to participate via zoom, please make a reservation in advance via the schedule table (Limited to the first 280 applicants). If you prefer live streaming, please click “JOIN LIVE NOW” on the schedule table when each session begins to watch the streaming. Please log in our specialized website before the ISP2022 begins and check the schedule (Schedule will be available around on May 13). The URL of specialized website will be sent to you after registration.

2) Difference between participation via zoom and participation via Live Streaming
Zoom: You can directly enter the zoom where the Professors are giving a talk, so you can ask questions directly to the professors.
Live Streaming: We will only broadcast the Zoom session and will not take questions. You will just watch Zoom sessions.

3) Get-together event (appointment only)
Zoom only (the URL for zoom will be sent via email only to those selected. (by June 27)) Only those who register within this registration form and are selected by lottery can attend.

■Application process Step1: Apply at the registration website

Registration period: Thursday 28 April – Friday 3 June 2022 (Japan Standard Time)
Click here to register. (Be accepted starting April 28) 

(How to register)
1. Click on the URL above to view the registration website.
2. Click on “REGISTER”.
3. Create an account (make sure to enter your email address and password correctly).
4. Fill out the registration form and click “REGISTER.
5. You will automatically receive a confirmation email.

1. Please do not forget your registered email address and password. You need them to login the special website for joining this program.
2. If you have no Last name, please fill in your full name in the ‘First name’ column and type ‘non’ in the ‘Last name’ column. (e.g., First name: your full name, Last name: non)
If you have middle name, please fill it in ‘Last name’ column. (e.g., First name: your first name, Last name: your last name and middle name)
3. The confirmation email will be sent to you after submission. Please disable your spam filtering settings for emails from us (the following three email addresses).
The confirmation email includes very important information, please read it carefully.
4. In some cases, the number of participants may be limited.

Step 2: Collect the latest and detailed information
Before, during, and after the program, please login the special website to get the latest and detailed information about the program on your own. Also, please check emails from our side for important information.

Step 3: Join the program
On the program days, please login the special website to join the program.

No charge

■Credits & Certificates
No credits and no certificates

Stable network connection is recommended to ensure a smooth participation. We will mainly use the Zoom and live streaming application during the program. Please install zoom application and be sure to keep it updated to the latest version by yourself.

■Contact us
If you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact us by email.
Email address: ri-summerprogram@sci.osaka-u.ac.jp

If you want to find out more about the research groups at the Graduate School of Science, click the name of the department below.
Department of Mathematics
Department of Physics
Department of Chemistry
Department of Biological Sciences
Department of Macromolecular Science
Department of Earth and Space Science