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Department of Physics

The Department of Physics at Osaka University offers a world-class education to its undergraduate and graduate students. We have about 50 faculty members who teach physics over 1000 undergraduate students per year in the School of Science and the other schools of the University. Our award-winning faculty members perform cutting edge research studies. As one of the leading universities in the nation, our mission is to serve the people in Japan as well as those from the world through our intensive education, our excellence in research, and our outreach.

The Department of Physics was established in 1931 when Osaka University was founded. The tradition of the originality in research was established by the first president of the Osaka University, Prof. H. Nagaoka, a prominent physicist. Our former faculty includes Prof. H. Yagi, who invented the Yagi antenna, and Prof. S. Kikuchi, who demonstrated electron diffraction and also constructed the first cyclotron in Japan, and Prof. H. Yukawa who created his meson theory for nuclear forces when he was a lecture at Osaka University, yielding the first Japanese Nobel laureate. Other prominent professors in recent years are Profs. T. Nagamiya and J. Kanamori who established the theory of magnetism, and Prof. R. Uchiyama who developed a gauge theory.

Since then, our department has expanded and our current activities include elementary particle physics, nuclear physics, condensed matter physics, computational physics, and interdisciplinary physics. We would welcome all the students who want to study at the Department of Physics, Osaka University. Let us create our future of Japan together, through physics.

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