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Project Research Center for Fundamental Sciences

Under the motto “Fiercely pioneer your own way” put forward by Osaka University’s first president Dr. Hantaro Nagaoka, the School of Science and Graduate School of Science are purposed to engage in world-leading fundamental scientific research, to forge the discovery of new knowledge and creation of new perspectives on matter, and, based on core teachings of science, to nurture the future generations of researchers in fundamental science and international leaders in numerous domains across society. The consequent, predominant style of research activities at the Graduate School of Science has consisted of fundamental and germinating research that follows a long-term vision according to free individual thought and original inspiration. Research work that yields significant results and holds great expectations for advancement is then supported with large, competitively awarded funding and joint industrial-academic-government action. This type of ensuing project research, however, requires short-term investments of human resources and facilities, and does not fit the conventional research style of the School. Nonetheless, the School believes that supporting project research enables one direction that further advances fundamental science. Thus, as a facility for large-scale project research and joint industrial-academic-government research, the Project Research Center for Fundamental Sciences opened its doors on October 1, 2011 with an open laboratory and specialized facilities that include radiation laboratory work. For this launch, buildings that housed the former Osaka University Laboratory of Nuclear Studies (merged with the Research Center for Nuclear Physics also on October 1, 2011) were renovated and organized into four divisions: Interdisciplinary Science, Project Research, Industry-Academia Alliances, and Radiation Control, which respectively engage in new interdisciplinary research beyond the framework of major disciplines and departments, fundamental science project research, joint industry-academia-government work associated with this research, and radiation control for the Graduate School of Science.

Project Research Center for Fundamental Sciences
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