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For Japanese Government Funded Foreign Student

【For Japanese Government Funded Foreign Students: MEXT Scholarship Students
(The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Scholarship Students 】

Japanese Government Scholarship Students are able to enter Japanese universities receiving exemption of the entrance examination fee, matriculation fee and tuition fee, and are granted a scholarship stipend every month. Graduate School of Science/School of Science accepts 42 MEXT scholarship students from 22 countries as of May 2013.
This section provides brief information on MEXT scholarship procedures and schedule.

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1. Embassy Recommendation

(Selection by Japanese Embassy/Consulate Generals abroad.)

Undergraduate Level

After finishing high school in a foreign country, a person wishing to enroll in a undergraduate course as a Japanese Government Scholarship Student should apply for the Japanese Government Scholarships for (Undergraduate) Students recruited by Japanese Embassies and Consulate Generals abroad.
If accepted, the applicant must take Japanese language lessons at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies or at the Center for Japanese Language and Culture at Osaka University for a year.
If the applicant passes the screening of the university for which she/he is applying, the applicant can enroll in the undergraduate course of the university.

Application Schedule : Embassy Recommendation(Degree course)
Feb. – Mar. Recruited by Japanese Embassy or Consulate Generals abroad
May – July Preliminary Screening (by Japanese Consulate Generals abroad)
Oct. Second Screening (by MEXT)
Feb. (following year) Notification of Acceptance
Apr. Arrival in Japan


Graduate Level

An applicant usually enrolls under the status of research student and works in research activities for six months to a year. After passing the entrance examination,
the applicant enrolls in a master’s or doctor’s program.
Applicants who have an insufficient level of Japanese must take a 6-month Japanese training course at the International Student Center (required to enroll in as a MEXT research student).

Application Schedule
Apr. – May Recruited by Japanese Consulate Generals abroad
May – July Preliminary Screening (by Japanese Consulate Generals abroad)
– Aug. Procedures for Letter of Acceptance
Oct. – Second Screening (by MEXT)
Feb. (following year)  Notification of Acceptance
Apr./Oct. Arrival in Japan

*For obtaining the Letter of Acceptance, please visit our website or “Researcher registry” on the website of Osaka University;

See also Embassy recommendation


2. University Recommendation (Degree course: Graduate Level only)

Osaka University accepts some international students who are recommended by foreign universities under a student-exchange agreement between such universities or departments, as well as from research institutes, with which the university has exchange programs through joint research.
The university recommends such candidates and the MEXT selection committee determines the recipients around June.
For obtaining the recommendation, please contact the professor who you would like to have as an academic supervisor prior to recruitment.
See⇒ https://www.sci.osaka-u.ac.jp/en/graduate-schools/
※Around 5 students will be selected in Osaka University for the general category .

Application Schedule
Jan.- Mar. Selection by University
Apr.- Selection by MEXT
June – Notification of Acceptance, Immigration Procedures
Oct. Arrival in Japan

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