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Dean’s Welcome

Graduate School of Science
School of Science, Osaka University
Tadashi Kondo

In 1931, the Osaka Imperial University was founded, the School of Science was established together with the School of Medicine. Now, we are one of the largest and most important faculties in Osaka University. We have 6 graduate departments, 4 undergraduate departments, 230 full-time academic staff, 1,200 undergraduates and 800 graduate students.

We are guided by the words of Dr. Hantaro Nagaoka the first President of Osaka University and the prominent physicist, “Souhaku wo Namuru Nakare” (Be always creative). Many researchers, treasuring that phrase, are carrying out original and cutting-edge researches, and are making an effort to maintain a calm and free atmosphere in which to develop research and education.

Students develop into world-leading researchers and scientifically literate public leaders by watching their teachers push forward their research. The activities of the School of Science cover the whole range from fundamental to applied science, which promotes the development of new research fields.