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Department of Chemistry

Chemistry is one of the basic sciences dealing with nature and change of matter. Objects of study in chemistry extend from atoms, molecules, macromolecules to their assemblies including living systems. The purpose and mission of chemistry are to understand the origins, properties, and functions of substances existing in nature and to contribute to a better human society by an optimum use of substances and by the creation of new functional materials. Some chemicals tend to cause serious environmental problems, due to wrong understandings and treatments of the chemicals. Therefore, chemists must study interrelations between substances and various natural phenomena to contribute to the growth of human society with the expertise. Chemistry is much closer to you and then much more important than you imagine. Chemists have an essential role in the human culture and contribute to human civilization.

The Department of Chemistry, School of Science was established in 1931 with five laboratories. Now, the department comprises more than 20 laboratories of inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, and organic chemistry as well as of macromolecular science, and a similar number of laboratories, belonging to the Research Center for Structural Thermodynamics, the Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research, the Institute for Protein Research, and so on, cooperate with the department. Faculty members of the department involve high level research and education concerning chemistry and related sciences, collaborating with oversea researchers. 

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