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Graduate Admissions Policy

Natural science is a cornerstone of today’s science and technology, and is indispensable to modern society. It is clear that the importance of natural science will only continue to increase. Moreover, it is the cultural and intellectual property of all humankind.

Most of the advances in natural science are achieved through the efforts and discoveries of people who are inspired by the beauty of, and are profoundly curious about nature, rather than those who are motivated simply by the pursuit of profit resulting from the fruits of science and technology. Furthermore, the greater the discovery, the more often it is rooted in simple questions. Needless to say, for such curiosity to flower into major discoveries, the researcher needs a solid academic background, and must learn the scientific way of thinking and scientific methodology. A person who has acquired such skills is well placed to succeed in a wide range of careers.

As one of the top research-based universities in Japan, Osaka University promotes world leading research. In the Graduate School of Science especially, education is thoroughly integrated with the cutting-edge basic science research activity of the school. Our aim is to help talented individuals develop the skills necessary to become world leaders in various fields including scientific research, technological development, and teaching in university and high school, and in both the public and private sectors.

The Graduate School of Science offers a wide range of educational programs, including:

・  Active participation in the research activities of laboratories in order to acquire the ability to identify and solve problems, to develop presentation and communication skills, and promote an international outlook.

・  Specialized lectures and seminars in order to develop required academic skills.

The Graduate School of Science seeks individuals with the following qualities and abilities:

・  Individuals who have a strong intellectual curiosity about nature and who delight in the quest for truth.

・  For the master course, individuals who have successfully completed an undergraduate degree in a scientific field, and who possess the associated level of academic and communication skills.

・  For the doctor course, individuals who have successfully completed a master’s degree (or who can demonstrate equivalent competence), and are aiming to prepare themselves for an active role in academia, industry or other fields by obtaining a doctor’s degree.

The Graduate School of Science welcomes people with a wide diversity of educational backgrounds and ambitions, including those already in the workforce, and international students. In addition, there is an accelerated entrance system for the master course for those individuals who excel academically at the undergraduate level.