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Information about Master or Doctoral program

Q1 – How long is a master or doctoral program?

A1 – Typically, the master and doctoral programs in the SISC (Special Integrated Science Course) or the IPC (International Physics Course) respectively take about 2 years and 3-5 years to complete. To earn a doctor of philosophy degree (PhD), the completion of a doctoral dissertation is required.

Q2 – Can I apply even though I do not speak Japanese?

A2 – Yes, the degree programs of the Graduate School of Science are taught exclusively in English. As English is the only official communication language, Japanese is not required to study in the master or doctoral program. In daily life, you may need to use Japanese in some cases including paperwork.

Q3 – Do I have a chance to learn Japanese?

A3 – Yes, we offer an elective Japanese language program for non-Japanese students. For more details, please contact the Center for International Education and Exchange (CIEE) of Osaka University.

Application requirements

Q1 – Do I need to take an English proficiency test?

A1 – Yes, submission of scores for either the TOEFL-PBT, TOEFL-iBT (TOEFL-ITP is not accepted), TOEIC (TOEIC bridge is not accepted) or IELTS tests is required for master’s program. Test scores can be no more than two years old.


Submission of test scores is not necessary in any of the following cases.

  • The applicant is a native English speaker.
  • The applicant has earned a university degree in a country in which English is the only official language.
  • The applicant has earned a university degree in a university in which English is the official language. In this case, the applicant must provide a certificate, issued by the university or by a supervisor, that states that university education was conducted in English.
  • The applicant is a recipient of a scholarship for exchange students granted by the Japanese government.

Q2 – Can I submit an unofficial copy of my TOEFL scores with the application?

A2 – You may submit an unofficial copy of the TOEFL scores for review. However, admission is confirmed only after the submission of official scores.

Q3 – Can I send photocopies of my diplomas and transcripts?

A3 – Yes, you can send photocopies of the supporting documents for the application for the initial selection stage. If you are provisionally accepted for admission, you will be asked to provide the original diplomas and transcripts to the Admission Office for the Admission Committee, which does not accept photocopies of diplomas and transcripts. If these documents are not in English, they must be translated. The applicant has the responsibility to have them translated.

Q4 – Where can I find the evaluation letter form?

A4 – The evaluation letter forms can be downloaded from the “Graduate Admissions” section of the Admissions webpage.

Q5 – How do I contact the supervisor to whom I will be assigned in the graduate program?

A5 – Please visit the research pages of the departments you are interested in. There you will see the names and research interests of our faculty who can supervise MSc and PhD students. The best thing is to e-mail those who match your research interests and send them a brief overview of your research interests.

Admission process

Q1 – Can I reapply if my file has been rejected?

A1 – Yes, you may reapply one more time. In such a case, you will have to resubmit application documents and send a new version of your Statement of Purpose. Please note that you have to call attention to any improvement: e.g., TOEFL or GRE scores.

Q2 – I am not sure about which field to apply for. May I apply for two fields?

A2 – If you are unable to decide on one field of interest, we would advise that you speak to some of our professors to get help in narrowing your selection.

Q3 – How do I take the paper-based entrance examination?

A3 – The paper test can be taken at the Toyonaka campus of Osaka University in Japan or in most university worldwide, where we have contacts. Please consult with your provisional supervisor for further details.

Campus visiting

Q1 – Is it possible to visit the campus before submitting an application?

A1 – Please contact our Office by e-mail (gssadmis@sci.osaka-u.ac.jp), and a meeting can be arranged with one of the faculty members who will be able to answer your questions.