Non-degree Programs

・FrontierLab Mini
Eligibility: Students enrolled in Bachelor/Master/Doctor’s Course
Period: 2-12 weeks (Maximum three months)
Credits granted.
How to Apply
For detailed information, please contact: Office for Graduate School of Science(ri-daigakuin@office.#
※”#” should be replaced by “”.

International Summer Program(ISP)
Eligibility: Applicants must be enrolled in Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree program in universities outside of Japan during the program period. Students who will progress from Bachelor to Master course, or graduate from Bachelor or Master courses during the program are not eligible to apply.
Period: 6 weeks in summer (July-August)
Credits granted.
Contact: Office for International Summer Program(ri-summerprogram◆) 
 “◆” should be replaced by “”.

Exchange Programs at OU