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Campus Map

Toyonaka campus map

Toyonaka campus map
  1. Main Library
  2. School of Letters / Graduate School of Letters
  3. School of Law / Graduate School of Law and Politics
  4. School of Economics / Graduate School of Economics
  5. School of Science / Graduate School of Science
  6. School of Engineering Science / Graduate School of Engineering Science
  7. Graduate School of Language and Culture
  8. Osaka School of International Public Policy
  9. Osaka University Law School
  10. Research Center for Solar Energy Chemistry
  11. Museum of Osaka University
  12. Center for Education in Liberal Arts and Sciences
  13. Health Care Center
  14. Center for the Study of Communication-Design
  15. Center for the Study of Finance and Insurance
  16. Center for Scientific Instrument Renovation and Manufacturing Support
  17. Institute for NanoScience Design
  18. Osaka University Intellectual Property Center
  19. Kaitokudo for the 21st Century
  20. Tekijuku Commemoration Center
Toyonaka campus map(pdf)

Buildings of Graduate School of Science

Buildings of Graduate School of Science
Buildings of Graduate School of Science(pdf)